Jopling: Making the transition easy

I really needed to send off this short note.

This is our daughter’s first year at university. I had planned, organized and instructed our family as to exactly how I wanted things upacked and in what order (just a little anal about this day). I did know there would be student help, but not to the extreme there was.

We arrived around 9:40 a.m. and were received by a lovely young lady who told us what to expect and gave Alaura her room number. Without a word of a lie, we lost our daughter (willingly) to the first group of students and then proceeded to the front doors of Essex where approximately 8-10 students grabbed everything, labeled everything and took it away. (I did not need my plan and got the evil eyes from my husband and son.)

We then proceeded to the long-term parking and walked back to the dorm to her room where her contents were waiting for us. We looked at our watch and it was 9:50 a.m. Ten minutes. Ten. We couldn’t believe it. I had a dolly and everything. It would have taken us, minimum, a half hour to do what they did.

What a well-organized system. Everyone was so pumped and happy and welcoming.

Our daughter, like many others I’m sure, was a little anxious and nervous once we saw we had arrived; it didn’t last long.

Please pass on this thank you to the organizers and all the students who made this so easy.

On a side note, I talked to a girlfriend whose daughter was going somewhere else; two hours of hell. He-he.

Karen Jopling