Locker: Thanks for shining a light on mompreneurs

I recently read the feature article by Paul Mayne titled, Exploring the Motivations of Mompreneurs (Western News, Oct. 13). I wanted to write and commend both the topic and thoroughness with which it was written. The statistics in Canada are far outdated, and the business world doesn’t always take mompreneurs seriously, even though we contribute so much to societal and economic growth. Thank you for having the foresight and clarity to present the subject matter in such a professional manner.

As founder of Ontario Mompreneurs Group, I interact with hundreds of mompreneurs on a daily basis who struggle with many of the issues outlined in your article, including how to stay afloat and maintain their success for a reasonable amount of time.

Again, thank you for a great read. I will be sure to share with our members.

Maria Locker