Campus Digest, Dec. 1

New expense directives start

Under the new Procurement and Expenses Directives, the provincial government has established policies for all broader public sector organizations, including The University of Western Ontario. Outlined mandatory changes, effective Jan. 1, 2012, will affect both staff and faculty.

Among the new directives is an abolishment of per diem allowances and the requirement of original, itemized receipts.

For more information and a complete list of new directives, visit the Financial Services website.

Child bicycle, helmet donations sought

Campus Community Police Services, in partnership with a research project by kinesiology professor Alan Salmoni, are seeking children’s bicycles and helmets in support of a project to teach Grade 6-8 children to ride safely. The project focuses around the fact bike accidents are a leading cause of brain injury and mortality in this age group in Canada.

If you have a bicycle (wheel/rim sizes 16-24 inches), bring it to the Campus Police office in Lawson Hall during daytime hours between Dec. 5-9.

After the bikes have been used for safety training, they will be given to needy children who do not have a bike of their own.

Ruston honours Hansen legacy

Deana Ruston, a first-year kinesiology student, was selected as a medal-bearer in the Rick Hansen Relay, a commemorative tour, marking the 25th Anniversary of Rick Hansen’s Man in Motion Tour.

Ruston, among 7,000 Canadians selected to be a medal-bearer, carried the medal on Friday, Nov. 25 in her hometown of Sarnia. Each medal-bearer carried the medal for 250 metres.

“It was a great experience, and an honour that I was recognized for the things I have done in my school, and my community,” she says. “I will never forget this day.”

Library welcomes millionth customer

The Beryl Ivey Library at Brescia University College hit a milestone earlier this week as they welcomed its one-millionth customer. Opening in October 2006, the library has received honourable mention in the City of London Urban Design Awards and its inquiry-based library instruction program saw librarians teach 53 sessions to more than 1,000 students this past year.