Early Researcher Awards

Five Western University researchers look to find innovative solutions to global challenges, thanks to the province’s Early Researcher Awards program.

A total of $700,000 will help these world-leading researchers make new discoveries while helping to build their research teams. The funding includes support for:


Clare Robinson

Using field studies and computer models, Robinson aims to gain a better understanding of how groundwater contributes to pollution in the Great Lakes. Her work will contribute to better strategies for protecting water quality in one of our most precious natural resources.


Manual Montero-Odasso

Montero-Odasso studies whether changes in the way a person ‘walks while talking’ can predict future dementia, and how dementia relates to the risk of falling. The ultimate goal is to develop new ways to enhance mobility and reduce the risk of falls among seniors.


Jessica Grahn

Grahn came to Western University from Cambridge University to advance her investigation into how the brain processes music. Her work could well lead to treatments for movement and balance disorders like Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease, stroke and traumatic brain injury.


Janice Forsyth

Forsyth is looking at the history of sports and games in the residential school system – specifically, how students’ involvement impacted on their understanding of health. Her work will help position Ontario as a leader in the field of Aboriginal health.


Peter Cadieux

UTIs are the most common infection in humans worldwide, and some develop into recurring infections as the bacteria develop ways to resist and tolerate these agents. Cadieux is studying antibiotic tolerance in UTIs with the goal of finding ways to overcome it.


“We are thrilled to see five of our exceptionally talented new faculty members among the latest cohort to be rewarded for their hard work and scholarship, and we are very grateful to the province for continuing to provide this much needed support which is key to attracting and retaining these bright minds on our campus,” said Janice Deakin, Western provost and vice-president (Academic) and acting vice-president (Research).