Student urges London to ‘get moving’

Kristen Roglasky, a master’s student in Kinesiology at Western, has partnered with Special Olympics London and fitness organizations, such as YMCA London and the Hutton House, to commemorate International Fitness Day on Oct. 13.

Roglasky helped organize Move It London!, a day introducing different forms of fitness (yoga classes, dance classes, soccer and games) to individuals who may not currently be involved in sport or fitness.

“Obesity is such a big issue and a lot of people are thrown off, thinking ‘I don’t want to go to the gym. It’s too expensive. People will judge me.’ We want to show people that fitness can be fun, free and accessible,” Roglasky explained.

Set to run all day Saturday, the morning activities will take place in London’s BMO Dome while the afternoon activities will take place in Gibbon’s Park. Everyone is welcome.

“We’re hoping we can get the community behind this initiative and make it an annual event where Londoners can come together to demonstrate the importance of fitness,” Roglasky said.