Summer parking construction continues

On Aug. 29, the Brescia Lane entrance to the Springett Parking Lot will close permanently, giving way to the new shared entrance with Huron University College. Slightly north of Brescia Lane, the newly developed intersection will welcome both Western and Huron staff, faculty and student permit-holders.

The newly created three-way junction will be equipped with traffic signals and accessible crosswalks, providing integrated passage for both motorist and pedestrians along Western Road. Signs will be on site prior to the move, alerting community members of the changes.

Construction around the lot will continue following the entrance opening. Intersection poles and signals at Brescia Lane/Lambton Road and Western Road will be installed, as well as landscaping and restoration to return the old laneway to green space.

The new entrance also provides Western with access to university-owned property behind Huron, which will facilitate future growth.

Current parking permits and transponders will continue to be accepted at the new gates for both the student and staff/faculty lots.

Visit the Springett Entrance Construction website for up-to-the-minute details.

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Western’s preferred parking facility, the South Valley lot, located northeast of the Student Recreation Centre on Huron Drive, is getting an addition. Prior to the start of the academic year, the lot will feature 170 new spaces. The grey permit zoned facility, located adjacent to the Recreation Centre, will provide commuters more selection when coming to campus.

The lot typically averages 99 per cent capacity throughout the work week and has been targeted for expansion due to its popularity and prime location. The lot will also provide parking a solution to support future development in the vicinity.