Western’s research finding new life across the globe

Special to Western News

A recent mission to China provided a backdrop for Western to sign a handful of deals for commercializing technologies developed in Canada. Western’s delegation created a new company with Sinobioway Group to bring to market results of several joint projects.

“I believe this is the first joint venture in China partially created and owned by a Canadian university,” said Ling Ting, Director of Asian Operations for WORLDiscoveries Asia.

Another key deal provides seed funding to create a start-up company and a research and development team with Southeast University to validate, manufacture and sell mobile units that generate green energy from biomass.

During the two-week mission, Western also established partnerships with some of China’s top medical schools to advance training related to family medicine and create an imaging training centre.

Pictured, John Capone, vice-Ppesident (research), right, shakes hands with Hongwei Ren, general manager, Western-Sinobioway Co. Ltd., at an event celebrating the new company. Watching on were, from left, Michael Chan, Ontario Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade; Brad Duguid, Ontario Minister of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure; Kathleen Wynne, Ontario Premier; Shilong Zhu, Deputy Director-General, Beijing Science and Technology Commission; and Guy Saint-Jacques, Canadian Ambassador to China.