Grad lands where she is ‘supposed to be’

Special to Western News

Haley Everitt, BA’17
Age: 23

Faculty: Arts & Humanities (School for Advanced Studies in the Arts & Humanities)
Specialization: Creative Writing & English Language & Literature

Haley Everitt might know Western’s campus better than anyone. A campus tour guide for the past three years, she developed a 200-page manual all guides use for reference. She’s even been to the top of University College – twice.

Throughout the entirety of her undergraduate degree, Everitt was member of the Arts & Humanities Students’ Council and, in her fourth year, was the organization’s president. In April, she launched Reusology, a pilot project to encourage students to donate unwanted items at the end of the school year so other students in need could take advantage of them, free of charge. Despite some setbacks, including severely injuring both knees in a snowmobiling accident in second year, Everitt is thrilled to be graduating and moving on to her Master’s in Environmental Sustainability – back at Western, on the campus she loves and knows so well.

“When I visited campus as a prospective student, I could envision myself at Western. I felt really comfortable and at home. I had this feeling of ‘this is where I’m supposed to be.’ My program was great; I really enjoyed it,” Everitt said. “As a member of council, I got to meet and work with such an incredible group of student leaders. That was really rewarding and shaped my overall undergraduate experience.

“After my accident, I fell behind in a lot of my courses. I got a little discouraged and my marks reflected the not-so-great year I had. But, I have a great support system that got me through. It was all worth it. I’m really excited to move back to the city and start my master’s program in September.”