Grad perseveres toward hard-won second career

Jerome Reid, BEd’17
Faculty: Education
Specialization: Primary and Junior (Kindergarten to Grade 6) Education

When Jerome Reid graduates with a Bachelor of Education this Convocation, it will be the beginning of a hard-won second career. The former tax auditor and police constable candidate, and single father of two, drove from Mississauga to London every week for two years to attend classes and keep a stable home life for his daughters. Often, he napped in his car in the parking lot of the Education building before and after his long commutes and showered in the change rooms. No one knew but him and the janitors. Today, the hard work has paid off as he’s poised to take on a career in education – his calling.

“As I take a moment to reflect on two years’ worth of studies, teaching experiences and the impact of a Global Opportunities Award, I am only now beginning to fully appreciate how much effort it took for me to achieve this goal,” Reid said. “My Western experience has been beautiful. I couldn’t have expected anything better than what I’ve had. The program is very intense and I got to have so many different experiences with my practicums. It’s been a journey. But, it was worth it. It gave me a whole new love and respect for Western. It’s all positive. This is my calling – I was meant to be here.”

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