Hebert: Go forth and make magic

In recognition of his work in DNA sequencing, Paul Hebert, Canada Research Chair in Molecular Biodiversity, was awarded an honorary Doctor of Science, honoris causa (DSc) at the Wednesday afternoon session of Western’s 311th Convocation.

Hebert spoke to graduates from the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Social Science, asking them to parse their lives on a decade by decade basis in order to look ahead at what they have accomplished, and what work remains to be done.

“You are now in the third slice; it’s an important slice of life, a point that’s a real transition. Up until now, you have been a receiver, and now you’re going to move from being a receiver to being a contributor,” Hebert told graduates.

“You’re living in the greatest nation on Earth at the most magical time in human history.”

There’s no difference between magic and scientific advances, Hebert explained, noting “science brings the impossible into everyday life.”

There are more “magicians” today than at any time in human history, he continued. Science graduates will be among them while Social Science graduates will need to guide “the magic” that is made. Together, we must use this magic to protect the environment, Hebert stressed.

“Canada needs to lead the effort to protect our planet. Consider this slice of your life to help ensure planetary preservation. Go and make magic.”

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