History of piracy, alien invasions captivate teens

Paul Mayne/Western News

More than 500 teenagers visited Western Oct. 10 to learn more about the quirky side of history.

Carla Joubert/Special to Western NewsShark-bite incidents take a bite out of history at High School History day at Western.

Alien invasions, shark-bite incidents and punk rock – nope, history is definitely not what it used to be.

More than 500 students from a dozen Ontario high schools were treated to some unconventional history lectures during Western’s High School History Day on Oct. 11.

With presentations that included Canadian gladiators in sports, concentration camps, piracy, the students were treated to lectures that were sometimes entertaining and always thought-provoking. The day, organized by the History department at Western introduced the teens to what they might expect if they studied university-level history.