Read. Watch. Listen. with Chris Thompson

Read. Watch. Listen. introduces you the personal side of our faculty, staff and alumni. Participants are asked to answer three simple questions about their reading, viewing and listening habits – what one book or newspaper/magazine article is grabbing your attention; what one movie or television show has caught your eye; and what album/song, podcast or radio show are you lending an ear to.

Today, takes Chris Thompson, e-learning specialist – leadership, takes a turn on Read. Watch. Listen.

Radical Candor book cover, by Kim Scott

Radical Candor by Kim Scott


A recent favourite is Radical Candor (Be a Kick-Ass Boss without Losing Your Humanity) by Kim Scott, which explores the value of impromptu, transparent feedback and its ability to transform our relationships at work. Scott presents a simple yet effective model based on two criteria: our ability to care personally and to challenge directly when offering feedback. Using storytelling from her experience at big tech companies including Google and Twitter, she emphasizes the leader’s role in creating a climate of rich feedback, which begins with leaders asking for and accepting feedback, not just doling it out.


I was on a flight this summer and, lacking much choice, found myself watching Riverdale for the first time. I was skeptical at first, but immediately was pulled into the Twin Peaks-esque vibe mixed with some Beverly Hills, 90210 over-the-topteen drama. Of course, my nostalgia for the Archie comics likely kept me going (and eager for the new season to start this fall.) My daily guilty pleasure show is Coronation Street – I just can’t look away!


Right now, I’m revisiting The New Pornographers. I’ve loved (almost) all of their albums, but I always return to their first – Mass Romantic. As for new music, a friend recently introduced me to the UK-based collective, Jungle; their new record, For Ever, provides some chill background music with a ’70s funk vibe.


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