Entrance standards continue to remain high

Western expects incoming students in September to have high school graduating averages no lower than 83.5 per cent. That threshold, similar to last September’s, will continue to make Western’s admission standards one of the highest in the country.

University Senate approved the target admission numbers during its meeting Friday.

This year, the minimum condition for admission was 83.5 per cent for students in Arts & Humanities and Information and Media Studies; 84 per cent for Engineering, Bachelor of Health Sciences, Kinesiology, Science, Social Science and Management and Organizational Studies; and 85 per cent for Nursing.

The final high school grade minimum average at affiliated university colleges last September was 78 per cent; it is expected to increase by half a percentage point to 78.5 per cent.

Western’s entrance targets align with the university’s goals to attract the brightest students; attain Canada’s highest retention and graduation rates; increase international undergraduate enrolment to 15 per cent of total undergraduate numbers; and increase graduate-student numbers to 20 per cent of the total.