DaVinci’s to bring flare to Engineering food

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At one time, Tim Hortons might have been enough to serve the students in the Spencer Engineering Building. But three buildings – and hundreds more students later – change is coming with the introduction of DaVinci Café

“With the addition of Thompson Engineering, an expanded student base and the recent addition of the Amit Chakma Engineering Building, Tim Hortons alone can no longer fulfill the food service needs of the faculty,” said Kevin McCabe, Associate Director (Hospitality Services).

Over the last two years, Hospitality Services completed surveys and focus groups, and worked closely with the Western Engineering Dean’s Office to develop a new food service operation to better cater to the needs the students, staff and faculty.

This September, the new DaVinci Café will offer a wide range of self-serve coffee, tea, nitro coffee and cold brew, along with a full espresso, latte and cappuccino menu. For the foodies, an expanded menu of grilled artisan sandwiches, salads, daily vegan and alternative protein hot features will be available, along with being served in a much quicker fashion than the current model allows.

“Items such as spinach and ricotta lasagna rolls, chicken parmesan, eggplant parmesan, rustic flatbreads, panzerottis, butter chicken or chana curries served with rice, samosas and mango chutney, will be the types of features offered daily within this unit,” said McCabe, adding work will be ongoing through the summer months. “A great deal of time, effort and resources have gone into the planning of this facility and we’re extremely excited to see the final product.”