Residence, tuition fees move to ‘one-stop shop’

Incoming Western students will pay their residence and tuition fees into one account instead of two, starting on Aug. 1. Until now, students living on campus paid into a residence account that had one due date and into a separate tuition account with a different deadline.

The move streamlines both students’ payment process and the university’s administrative process, explained Val Sarkany, Associate Registrar (Student Financial Services), one of the project leads.

“Now, we have one central account and one payment date,” she said. “It really is more efficient.”

Sometimes, students would pay into the wrong account at the wrong time, leaving a credit in one account and an equivalent deficit in the other, Sarkany said.

In the past fiscal year alone, 1,000 accounting entries had to go back and forth between the Office of the Registrar’s and Housing to ensure the right centre received the right payments.

Any refunds, credits, scholarships, or student aid payments will all be reflected on that one student account. Fee details will still be itemized.

“Student Central will be the one-stop shop (for payments),” Sarkany said.

Housing staff will continue to be the go-to experts for housing-related questions, though.

By mid-July, once residence assignments have been made, students will see how much they owe, in one total balance in one single account shared by the Registrar and Housing. They can then pay online or via cheque at Student Central.