Awards honour excellence among us

Demonstrating dedication from faculties to research, from libraries to technology, presented here are winners of the 2019 Western Awards of Excellence, the highest honour for staff member achievement. Winners are chosen for their exemplary service, creativity and innovation, the ability to share their knowledge and expertise and their capacity to foster their values of integrity and respect across campus.

This year’s recipients will be formally recognized at the Western Award of Excellence Ceremony being held at 11:30 a.m. Nov. 6, in Conron Hall, University College.

Andrea Legato
Health Studies
Health Sciences

In her role as an academic counsellor, Andrea Legato has repeatedly demonstrated her exceptional capacity to function as an effective and efficient representative for every student, the School of Health Studies and broader university community. Described as just the right mix of firm, fair and friendly, she has a well-earned reputation for her dedication to professionalism and going above and beyond. Knowing the current focus on the mental health and wellness, she has cultivated a practice of academic advising that focuses on the student’s capabilities and strengths, and encourages resilience and wellness in the face of their challenges.

Angelica Lucaci
Social Science

There is no doubt that the smooth administration and functioning of Geography undergraduate programs is in large part thanks to Angelica Lucaci. At a time when many are stretched thin in their roles on campus, it is hard to overstate our appreciation for her work. A major part of Lucaci’s job is counselling and working with students – and they offer nothing but positive reviews. Her role may be to guide students throughout their degree, however, she also helps students beyond that. She promotes leadership opportunities, career opportunities, and extra activities for students to get the most out of their Western Experience.

Rebecca Northcott
Social Science

As undergraduate program advisor in the Department of History, Rebecca Northcott is a trusted advocate and adviser to students, has achieved a standard of professionalism, has demonstrated foresight and initiatives involving students and programs, has become a resource for other departments and has improved the way we all work. Northcott truly builds and fosters Western’s core values of integrity, respect and commitment to service. Whether she is counselling students, organizing events, assisting faculty or dealing with any of the hundred tasks she takes care of in a day, Northcott is never satisfied with the way things have always been done. In short, she is always looking for, and often finding ways, to improve the Western Experience for all.

Fred Ross
Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry

As manager of Undergraduate Medical Education in the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Fred Ross knows the importance of balancing the needs of the many stakeholders. He understands the trainees (undergraduate, postgraduate), the faculty (local and distributed throughout southwestern Ontario) and staff all have complimentary needs. He continues his mantra of an ‘open door always’ which has ensured the experience of the Schulich family continues to be incredible. Ross also recognizes the success of his team by exuding a tremendous amount of pride when talking about his staff members. He creates an energized workplace that encourages staff members to work hard, so we can be successful, but remembers that work/balance will keep us restored.

Julaine Hall
Research Western

Julaine Hall contributes to an outstanding Western Experience by leading the university’s research awards and distinctions portfolio, helping researchers achieve recognition for their outstanding work. She manages a portfolio of more than 80 regional, national and international research awards and distinctions each year, including the Royal Society of Canada Fellowships, Killam Prizes, Order of Canada, and Canada’s Tri-Council of funding agencies.

Hall is integral to fostering a vision of collaboration, communication and service, creating a welcoming, engaging environment. She exemplifies Western’s core values through her unfailingly positive personality, outstanding work ethic and consideration and regard for others. Her integrity, respect and commitment further demonstrate the breadth and depth of her impact and her many contributions to Western.

Robin Keirstead
Western Libraries

Appointed Western’s first University Archivist in 2001, Robin Keirstead has created a welcoming, fun and productive environment. His open-door policy exemplifies his commitment to enriching student’s learning experience and preparing them for success beyond graduation. Keirstead is considered to be one of the most outstanding resources on campus. He has always exemplified the very best of what a leader should be and embodies what a thoughtful, professional role model looks like. He not only aspires to excellence, but encourages it in other. His leadership style demonstrates a caring and compassionate nature, providing an inclusive and supportive space for all Western Libraries staff. It’s easy to overlook modest people such as Keirstead, but there is no greater ambassador for Western.

eLearning Technology Team
Western Technology Services

The eLearning Technology Team (ELT) blend their talent and skills to offer the best possible resources around technology in teaching and learning across the campus. By maintaining leading-edge instructional technologies, the team of Deanna Grogan, Shawn Foster, Adam Pypstra, Jen Sadler and Ramon Sanchez offer technical solutions and training for a variety of eLearning tools and resources, most notably Western’s learning management system – OWL. Of all attributes the ELT team possess, their ability to engage and collaborate with faculty and students of various age ranges and all sort of jobs stands out. The team’s knowledge shows this “small-but-mighty” team is all about taking ownership in getting things done. You name it, they do it.