Newsmakers 2019: Smoking Ban

Smoking ban

Today, Western News presents its 10th annual Newsmakers of the Year – a celebration of some of the people, places and things that shaped the year at this institution. Before we start looking ahead to 2020, join us as we take one last look at 2019. Visit the entire list.

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July 1 was a big day on campus as Western officially went smoke free – the final step in an evolution that has seen a gradual shrinking of designated smoking areas and an increase in cessation supports.

The move clears the air and helps ensure a healthy campus for those who work, study and visit campus. All three Western affiliates – Brescia, King’s and Huron – also went smoke free at the same time.

Entrances to Main Campus sport ‘butt towers’ where people can discard the remains of their cigarettes before entering campus. Non-smoking rules also apply to vendors, suppliers and visitors

The ban includes cigarette smoking and vaping. Smoking cannabis has never been permitted, as Western is considered a workplace. Tobacco used for ceremonial purposes in Indigenous spiritual practices is exempt.