Madison Hiemstra and Kirsten Dillon with exercise trackers

Work-from-homes can ‘stand up’ to COVID

A Western-led study aims to get more people moving as they work from home during COVID-19.

medical vials of blood

Explainer: How clinical trials test COVID-19 vaccines

Provided that a COVID-19 vaccine successfully navigates Phase 3 clinical trials and is subjected to continuing safety monitoring after it is licensed, we have good grounds to believe that the vaccine both works and is safe.

COVID19 virus

Stroke can be first presenting symptom of younger patients with COVID-19

Western-led research found that two per cent of patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19 will suffer a stroke.

Gabriel Lemos Rodrigues

International students find new home in London

Lemos Rodrigues didn’t leave his suite for the next 14 days – not unlike hundreds of other international students.

Chef Andrew in the kitchen

Nothing masks flavour

Andrew Duhasky is unit chef at Ontario Hall and wants to make sure the food is better, much better, than just ‘good’.

Professor Lindi Wahl

Revamped course has students apply math and biology to pandemic

With everyday conversations peppered with phrases such as ‘flattening the curve,’ professor Lindi Wahl hopes her revamped mathematical biology course can help students learn to predict the spread of COVID-19.

Musician wears mask behind piano.

Musicians’ health measures ‘new for everybody’

Soprano Adriana Orozco Burbano practises an aria while wearing her facemask – one of many health precautions adopted at Western’s Don Wright Faculty of Music this fall.

Dr. Douglas Fraser

Researchers unravel two COVID-19 mysteries

A team from Lawson Health Research Institute and Western University has made significant strides in understanding COVID-19 – including discovering a way to predict how sick a patient will become – through two studies published this week.

Grants awarded for COVID-19 research in child, brain health

Two Western researchers are among six interdisciplinary project teams awarded Manulife CIFAR Population Health and Wellbeing grantsto study the long-term health effects of COVID-19.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Engineering researchers receive COVID-related grants

Two Western researchers have received funding for partnership research projects that will help understand and prevent the spread of COVID-19….

purple facemarks

Western-branded, made-in-Ontario facemasks supplied to campus community

Students, faculty and staff can wear their purple pride as they don Western-branded masks to protect the health of campus colleagues.

two people wearing smile masks

Students display smiles amid pandemic protection

Developed by a pair of Western students, Smile Masks are partly transparent face coverings that allow the wearer to speak, emote and make themselves understood by people who need to both see and hear you.