Study: Education drives health behavior changes after falling ill

Study: Education drives health behavior changes after falling ill

Better-educated middle-aged Americans are less likely to smoke and more apt to be physically active than their less-educated peers. They are also more inclined to make healthy changes — in general and in the face of new medical conditions — and adhere to them, according to a new study in the September issue of the Journal of Health and Social Behavior.

WHAT I’VE LEARNED: Samantha Goverde

Samantha Goverde is a fourth-year Honours Specialization (Sociology) student, with a major in Leadership, at Brescia University College.

Grants further African research

Grants further African research

Are chemicals used in growing flowers causing health problems in Naivasha, Kenya, or can illness in the community be attributed to various sources of stress? Phaedra Henley, a Western University PhD candidate, is conducting on-the-ground research to get at the root of that very question.

Hammond: Don’t shrug off the power of the Occupy movement

London Mayor Joe Fontana’s rush to be the first Canadian mayor to trash and shut down an Occupy encampment betrays not only a failure to understand the message of the movement but also demonstrates an apparent failure to understand its impact on his own political future. Repression of this movement on behalf of the wealthy 1 per cent holds no long-term political rewards. In fact, he may have just dug his own political grave as his already spiraling public career comes to a close.

Earth’s population reaching 7 billion and counting

The world’s population may soar to 7 billion by the end of this month. And, with each new baby, the global footprint expands as does the social, economic and environmental challenges worldwide.

Artist knows no other way

As a child on vacations, Eric Simard followed his father – a professional photographer – across Canada, loading film, learning how to operate equipment, acting as an assistant. He has since dipped his toe in portrait photography and weddings with success, although throughout high school, there was little uncertainty. He aspired to be a professional artist – a painter, in fact.