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Robust, rigorous and fit-for-purpose university teaching is of vital importance to society as we move into the fourth industrial revolution, where many of today’s jobs may be automated and where the rise of artificial intelligence raises profound questions about the skills and attributes that humans will need to thrive in the future.

Teaching is surely the most fundamental role of any university. With such serious issues facing us all, best practice in university teaching is more important now than ever before. Therefore, Western is delighted to be working with Times Higher Education to deliver the 2019 Teaching Excellence Summit, to help ensure that excellent, future-proof university teaching secures its place at the top of the agenda of university leaders around the world.

The first THE summit to be held in Canada will explore three global themes that will greatly influence the future of higher education.

How do we overcome the barriers to mobility and create clearer pathways for our students to the world of educational opportunities that exist beyond their national borders?

How can we integrate more technology, including artificial intelligence in higher education? How do we leverage technology to improve teaching and learning? How can we continually challenge ourselves to innovate and embrace artificial intelligence across the academy – not only in what we teach, but how we teach?

How can universities contribute to acceptance and inclusivity in challenging times shaped by post-colonial and post-war reconciliation, ethnic conflict, migration, and growing prejudice?

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At the head of their class: Teaching excellence at Western

Western embracing ‘Change’ in the classroom

In celebration of the Times Higher Education (THE) Teaching Excellence Summit, Western News presents the following series of stories highlighting teaching excellence at Western.

Zecevic: Teaching about learning together

Aleksandra Zecevic remembers it clearly. “I got the parking lot and I said to myself, ‘I am so happy to be here to have a job where I interact with young people all my life.”

Haffie and Wahl: Tapping into talent, technology

Tom Haffie and Lindi Wahl have spent most of their careers in front of “small towns.”

Sinclair: Technology only as good as the learning attached

For Barb Sinclair, technology – no matter how cool or cutting edged – is only as valuable as the teaching behind it.

Roland: Bringing teaching into the world

Sophie Roland stresses that all the world is a stage for her students.

Dimitrov: Unlocking freedom that engages students

Radoslav Dimitrov just throws them in the deep end of some of the world’s most complex issues – and his students love it.

Solga: Making teaching both active and activist

Kim Solga is “kind of a weirdo” when it comes to her teaching.

Austin: Making a case for a different approach

Rob Austin makes a strong case for, well, cases.

Pearson named among nation’s classroom elite

For Western professor Wendy Pearson, teaching excellence is about valuing people as much as pedagogy. It is a lifelong commitment that has earned her recognition among the national classroom elite.

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