FIMS student wins top prize for Potter doc

Media Theory and Production student Jake Kislinsky won a Broadcast Educators Association of Canada award for his documentary, Western Charmed by English Prof, in the Best Audio Feature/Documentary category.

His audio feature spotlighted Western professor Gabrielle Ceraldi and her new course, The Many Faces of Harry Potter, a semester-long course exploring all seven books of the series, alongside thematically related short works of fiction, like George Orwell’s 1984.

In the documentary, Kislinsky discussed with Ceraldi how the Harry Potter series has affected her, and what her plans are to bring her dream to fruition. He also spoke with Western students eager to sign up for the course. Not only is this a story about an exciting new opportunity for undergraduates, Kislinsky said, but it is also the story of a professor hoping to put a little ‘magic’ into the lives of her students.