Bosman eyes a better way of doing business

Justice is one of Jessica Bosman’s passions.

As an active executive member of Western’s Amnesty International club, she helps raise awareness about current platforms and disputed cases, collects signatures for petitions and organizes host speakers.

Bosman is the recipient of a $10,000 RBC Students Leading Change Scholarship, which recognizes students across Canada who invest in their communities by showing a passion to lead and inspire positive change. This year, 15 students nationwide were awarded the scholarship. In addition to Bosman, first-year Media, Information and Technoculture student Betty Wang was also selected as a winner.

Bosman feels Amnesty International is a great example of communities working together to create change, as they have been very successful at helping to free many political prisoners, changing human rights practices and altering government policies worldwide.

Bosman is currently pursuing a degree in Management and Organizational Studies, with a specialization in Human Resource Management. In addition, she is completing a French Business Certificate. She loves the freedom and inherent adventure business offers, a pursuit where individuals can grow their passions into viable careers that are both imaginative and innovative.

Her goal is to pursue a management or marketing position within the fashion industry, with the ultimate focus on eliminating the environmental harm in the creation of garments and promoting a healthy body image for women. Bosman would love one day to own her own business where she could mentor young women and encourage excellence within business practices.