Honouring a quarter century of service

Western honoured its long-serving employees (both full and part-time) at recent celebrations for faculty and staff who have been working at the university for 25 years or more. While spending a quarter of a century at a single institution might seem like an anomaly today, these 64 university employees have made Western like a second home since they were first hired in 1992 or earlier.

Long-service award ceremonies were held June 12 at Gibbons Lodge, hosted by Western President Amit Chakma. Each recipient was presented with a pin and a Western print.

Since this group began working at Western a quarter century ago, the smallest entering class the university has ever admitted was 4,000 first-year students. That means this group has contributed to the education of more than 100,000 people during their career.

“Western is a great university because we recruit and retain great people. These individuals are a reflection of our greatness as an institution,” Chakma said. “It is a pleasure to celebrate the expertise and dedication of our faculty and staff, many of whom have devoted their entire professional career to postsecondary education and Western.”

Pictured are those who attended the event.