The Sound Of Summer

It was 2012 when Western student Joe Depace was heading up the DJ Club and fellow student, and music enthusiast, Andrew Fedyk strolled into their first meeting. Neither would have thought that within six years their partnership as Loud Luxury would put them on the Billboard charts, generate one of the Top 20 most-streamed songs worldwide on Spotify – their song (Body) is 7x platinum –  and place them in the lineup at the 2019 Junos in London next March.

The Canadian dance/electronic duo have been touted as one of the top DJ/producers in the business, with their sound described as ‘deep house with a shot of tequila.’ The pair have multiple sold-out headline performances already under their belts and are thrilled to return to London for the Junos.

The video for their latest single Love No More, already has more than one million views on YouTube.

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