Intson takes new album to ‘Westminster’ stage

Live From Westminster is a concert series where faculty, staff and students are invited to perform live in the Western News newsroom. Admittedly crowded and low-tech, the performances look to showcase unique – and sometimes hidden – musical talents across campus. Interested in performing – or know someone who is? Drop a line to

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Camille Intson is a graduating English and Theatre and Performance Studies student, a musician, a multidisciplinary artist and writer. She served as the 2018-19 Student-Writer-in-Residence at Western.

Under her stage name, Camie, she recently released Sharp Teeth, her debut album. The record is available through iTunes and Apple Music and she is currently selling physical CDs (yes, they’re still a thing) for $10 a piece.

Intson recently stopped by the Western News office, playing an acoustic set of three new songs.