Plot twist: spoilers can boost films’ success

Reviews and trailers that reveal a movie’s plot can draw a bigger audience and more box-office dollars, a Western study shows.

Indigenous Learning Fund recipients named

Four projects funded for fostering Indigenous learning and community partnerships


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Lisa Saksida, Canada Research Chair in Translational Cognitive Neuroscience, studies the brain’s capacity for learning, memorizing and paying attention. By mapping neural pathways in a healthy brain, she can better understand the effects of neurodegenerative disorders.

Daring to Ask: Can understanding neurobiology of cognition lead to treatments for brain disorders?



Western stories of hope, research, and community during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Gender, age, education can predict use of pandemic precautions

Men, non-immigrants, younger adults and people living in rural areas are the Canadians most likely to resist COVID-19 safety measures, according to a Western analysis.

Biomarkers could be used in a quick, inexpensive COVID-19 blood screening tool

A new study from Western University, Lawson Health Research Institute and University of Alberta suggests that COVID-19 affects the body’s blood concentration levels of specific metabolites which could one day be measured through an inexpensive blood test to quickly...

Study explores experiences of trans and non-binary Canadians during COVID-19

The Trans PULSE Canada survey shows many trans and non-binary Canadians avoid seeking health care because of a fear of discrimination.